Roasted Cajun corn on the cob is easy to make in the comfort of your home. Perfectly baked (or grilled, boiled) corn is dipped in a creamy-cajun-mayo sauce, sprinkled with salty crumbled cheese, and is the best choice for large summer parties.

If it’s summer where you are now, then the season of corn has probably started by now. And there are tons of ways you can eat this delicious vegetable during this season.

Of course, my go-to is a delicious and easy-baked corn recipe which is similar to Mexican street corn on the cob (my version of it, though!).

The corn is baked in the oven and the recipe is easy and quite straightforward with plenty of room for adjustment. There are few ways to cook corn, but baking or boiling, in my opinion, gives the best flavour. Plus not everyone has a grill and I’ll explain how you can get very similar results just using the oven and a grill pan.

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