Cheesy Slow Cooker Lasagna

We love all different types of food, but pasta – any kind, we love it all – is our go-to. Of all the different possibilities (dare we say pastabilities?), lasagna is the one that we crave most frequently, but we don’t make it too often considering how much work is involved. We’ve made slow cooker lasagna before using lasagna noodles, but that still meant having to make a filling to go between the layers…this time around we decide to make things even easier and even better!

Instead of using lasagna noodles and making a from-scratch filling, use refrigerated ravioli instead! Feel free to use any type of stuffed ravioli – we like using ricotta and spinach-stuffed ones – then start layering up your slow cooker with ground beef, tomato sauce and ravioli; Turn the slow cooker on, then come back in a couple of hours and dig into a delicious lasagna-ravioli dinner that everyone will love! Trust us, you might not go back to the traditional version after trying this one….

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