fruit cake with dulce

The much-talked-about passion fruit cake with dulce 💛


The recipe for the pasta:

04 light ones in snow

04 gems

01 cup of warm water

01.1/2 cup refined sugar

02 cups of wheat flour

01 tablespoon of baking powder

Passion fruit mousse

01 can of condensed milk

01 can of passion fruit or 1/2 cup concentrated juice.

01 cx of cream of milk

Beat everything in the blender and take it to the fridge to get consistency.



Milk candy

01 can of condensed milk, place the can in pressure cooker covered with water, when start to xiar count 35 min. Waiting to cool down to open the can.



The syrup to drench the cake:

01 x of milk

1/2 x of water

Lil condensed milk or sugar


Swiss roll with cream filling