Italian Bomboloni Donuts

Soft and light Italian Bomboloni Donuts rolled in sugar and filled with Italian pastry cream (crema pasticciera). These donuts are insanely delicious and make such a special treat!

Unless they are filled with thick limoncello spiked Italian pastry cream (crema pasticciera), now that is pure heaven!

I’m obsessed with crema pasticciera in every way whether it’s used as a tart filling for Torta della Nonna, mixed with whipped cream and used to fill layer cakes or piped into Italian pastries like cornetti (croissant) or bomboloni.

In Italy bomboloni are often served in bars for breakfast alongside a cappuccino and like cornetti with crema they are generously filled, so much that they feel heavy in your hand but are so light and delicious when you take a bite.

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