Raspberry Push Pop Pudding

When it comes to frozen treats, I tend to gravitate toward the chocolate ones. But, there’s one fruity treat that I cannot resist, and that is a push up popsicle. Whether orange or raspberry flavored, they never fail to bring back memories of hot summer days sitting on the front porch with my sister. I recently tried to recreate that flavor in the form of an Orange Push Pop Pudding and loved the results. I thought it was time to give the raspberry version a go and see if it was equally delicious…

To truly do the popsicle flavor justice the pudding has to be fruity and creamy. The flavoring here comes from a big box of raspberry jello and some instant vanilla pudding. There’s no real cooking or baking involved in this treat, just some boiling water. Can’t beat the ease of that on a hot day. A tub of cool whip is folded in and then you’ll pop the bowl in the fridge to set for at least a couple hours.

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