If you have read my writings long enough, you know my love affair with pound cakes. Out of all the cakes – and believe me, I had my share of different types of cakes in my lifetime – the simple pound cakes grabs me every single time. Hands down.

My wedding cake was a pound cake. Which was soaked in rum and filled… oh, wait were I.. oh, yeah – sorry.

But, like any baker (or cook) knows, we are always (and I truly mean ALWAYS) looking for the next best recipe of our favorite thing.

What can I say… we are a crazy bunch.

I think, I have found something better than my favorite pound cake.

I present to you the Ricotta Cake

It’s sweet, but not too sweet, hints of vanilla flavor all over it, moist (ohhhh soooo very moist), easy to make, less than 15 minutes putting it together and 60 minutes baking time. It’s good warm, cold and every temperature in between. Yummy with all sorts of toppings – fruits, cream, ice cream and whatever you may think of.

But alone, it’s simply, a little bite of heaven.

You have today to make this and fall in love.

Trust me. If I’m wrong, I dare you to come back and yell at me via comments.

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