Snickerdoodle Zucchini Bread

I didn’t appreciate snickerdoodle cookies until I was an adult, but now that I know how delicious they are, I can’t get enough! Normally, I’m a chocolate chip kind of girl all the way, but there’s something about the cinnamon sugary taste of snickerdoodles that gets me every time. Plus, they melt in your mouth and are so smooth and buttery, if they’re done right. Needless to say, I was very excited to try out this snickerdoodle zucchini bread.

Let’s talk about the ingredients. This particular recipe uses two things that might seem odd. First, it calls for coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. You’ll have to melt the coconut oil before using, but it’s worth the little bit of extra effort. The light, slightly sweet taste of the coconut oil is key to making this taste like real snickerdoodles. The second ingredient did is cream of tartar. If you’ve ever made snickerdoodle cookies, then you’ll know they call for cream of tartar as well. Not only will this help the bread have a more cake-like texture, but it really does make all the difference in the taste factor! You can substitute for baking powder if necessary.

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