I am acquainted with MANY self-proclaimed “Carrot Cake Experts”, so I called in the troops for a little taste-testing on this recipe. I am thrilled to report that by unanimous decision this is, indeed, one of the best carrot cakes ever!
-This is the exact same recipe I’ve been making for at least 40 years. I showed it to a neighbor and she has the same one as well. I guess this carrot cake really gets around. So I KNOW yours is wonderful! It’s my family’s favorite! Big thumbs up!
-The only thing I did differently was omit the walnuts. The cake did not rise much at all and I was not impressed with the flavour. Will not be made again.
-Best carrot cake recipe! I’ve been using this one for years. The only thing I change is the walnuts because my family loves pecans. I follow the rest of the recipe to the letter and I am always rewarded with an amazing carrot cake that friends ask me to make.
-This was my first attempt at making carrot cake. There were so many great reviews I thought I’d give it a try. This recipe deserves every 5-star rating it received. Absolutely IS the best carrot cake ever. And the frosting is a taste of heaven. No one will believe that I actually made it myself. Thanks!

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