This Season Was Made For Homemade Peach Ice Cream!

There was this time last summer when I went over to the house of my brother to babysit my niece for the whole day. To make her happy, I made her ice cream. It started with her asking me a story about my childhood. Since it’s a warm day, I remembered only one story that was appropriate for the reason. Mom and her ice cream. Mom used to indulge us once in a while whenever we behaved. The indulging actually became more frequent during summers because she made homemade ice cream for the family. Every other week, she made a different flavor just to be fair to everyone.

Mom had an old ice cream maker. It was just a small box that has churning wheels inside it. It churned the mixture until it finally became ice cream. My niece loved the story and asked if I could make her ice cream since they have fruits in the fridge. However, my brother didn’t have an ice cream maker.
He didn’t want it to be a reason for his daughter to request the frozen treat every day. So I researched online if I could make her something really good that didn’t require the use of an ice cream maker. This recipe that I am about to share with you was what I found. And guess what, it earned me the title, “Auntie of the Year”!
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Granny’s Doughnuts

Fresh tomatoes for 2 years, no vinegar needed