Yummy Corn Casserole

This recipe was given to me from a friend at our local church who would always bring it to holiday gatherings and potlucks, I give her the credit for this yummy side dish. My kids insist on having this every Thanksgiving & Christmas as one of our traditional side dishes.
-I made this recipe for Thanksgiving 2015. It was great. I would suggest that if you are like I am and make the casseroles before Thanksgiving day (like the day before) that you leave off the cheese topping and when you warm up the casserole the day of, put the topping on as you start the warming process. This way you have no problem putting aluminum foil on the casserole for storage until it is time to warm it up and it will look prettier when you serve it. It tasted great otherwise.
-I made this today for Thanksgiving and it was awesome! Everyone loved it; it will be one of my holiday recipes from now on; the only difference I did was to add a can of green chilies to add some zip. This is a keeper! And I love that you have the substitution for the Jiffy cornbread mix included!
-I’ve been using this recipe for nearly 20 years. I have added, however, a can of milk chopped chilies (or two) for some pot lucks and people ask for me to bring it each year. I NEVER take leftovers home! If I don’t add the chilies, I hear about it and am reminded NOT to forget about them. They are not hot in the least…just add a nice flavor without the heat.

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