This is by far the absolute BEST recipe for fried chicken I have ever made, and eaten! If you follow the recipe, the breading is definitely KFC comparable, however….as a previous reviewer mentioned……the addition of oregano might help. The only thing I did different was adding a few more seasonings in the flour mixture—paprika, Goya seasoning, some lemon pepper, and some garlic/herb poultry seasoning. I feel bad for Jennifer, because obviously she did something wrong and missed out on the best fried chicken ever! I will NEVER make fried chicken any other way…… this recipe is delectable! (I didn’t have a deep fryer, so I used a regular 12 inch frying pan, and it turned out wonderful)
I love this recipe so much. The first time I tried it, something went wrong and it turned out pretty badly. But I love fried chicken and I had to try again. I have no idea what I did wrong that first time, but whenever I make it, it turns out wonderfully. So crunchy and so flavorful. Delicious!!
I have very picky eaters and this recipe was a hit. I used to work at a chicken place here when I was a teen & this was pretty close to how they made their chicken. I followed the instructions to the T & it came out awesome. Definitely a weekly staple in our family now.

To Make this Recipe You’ll need the following ingredients:

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