Oven-Baked Texas Trash Bean Dip

Longtime readers might remember when we made a slow cooker Texas trash dip several years ago that was ridiculously filling, tasty and absolutely addictive. Well, we’ve got another Texas trash dip for you today, but this time it’s oven-baked and smothered in cheese. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s so, so good. Now we can’t say exactly how this dish got its name, but it’s essentially a beefed up, warm bean dip. Literally, it’s packed with ground beef, cream cheese, sour cream, beans, salsa and cheese, and we don’t think we could love it anymore than we already do.

While it is super easy to make this dish in the slow cooker, just brown your beef, then throw all the ingredients in the crock pot, this is also a great choice for the oven. You still have the ease of basically throwing all the ingredients together, but where this dish really surpasses the slow cooker version is with the molten and bubbly layer of cheese that goes on top and bakes into the dip. Browned and beautiful, that cheese layer is the stuff of beauty, especially knowing all the delicious stuff that’s happening underneath.

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