Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

Naturally, fried chicken is considered Southern cuisine. Folks young and old enjoy good fried chicken… especially home cooked. My husband says I’m the champion fried chicken cooker. Don’t know about that, but everyone who has ever tried mine really loves it and wants to know how I get it so crispy. Hope my explanation of how I cook fried chicken helps you develop the skills of preparing a genuine Southern tradition.

-The pieces of chicken used were chicken breast tenderloins. There are no thighs or legs in the photos. However, you can use any part of a chicken, either whole pieces or cut up with this recipe. Usually, I buy my chicken breast tenderloins from Sam’s Club because they are cheaper there. Sometimes, I have bought boneless, skinless chicken breast when they are on sale in the grocery store and cut each breast in half or sometimes into thirds. Seems to me that what a chicken breast tenderloin is…just a fillet of breast.
Have a great day!
Ginger Dean
P.S. If you like fried chicken livers, it is a great way to fix them. That way you get lots of crust on each piece.

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