Ultimate Chocolate Dump Cake

A chocolate craving can be a mighty unshakeable thing and there is, for better or worse, only one thing that will cure it. There’s usually no wishing it away, no forgetting about it, and there’s certainly no substitute or stand-in that will suffice. Chocolate cravings need a chocolate cure and here we’ve got the ultimate solution. See, this isn’t just any chocolate cake. This is a casual 9×13 concoction where all you have to do is “dump” a few ingredients into a pan and pop it in the oven and bam, chocolate craving crushed.

The term “dump cake” maybe sounds a little unfortunate, but it’s really just referring to how simple the method of preparation is. You’re just tossing a few simple ingredients together and you somehow end up with a cake! Often times you don’t even need to stir it all together first. This one does require a little bit of stirring but it only takes you five ingredients. Yes, five!

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Chocolate Delight